What you can expect

After two decades in business, we know that our clients like uncomplicated and honest. When you seek financial advice, we’ll take a step-by-step approach to help you reach your goals.

Step 1 Call us!

The first step is to call us and make an appointment to see a financial planner.

We understand that taking this first step to improve your financial situation takes courage and it can be confronting to discuss your personal life with a stranger. You are not alone and we are here to help. Read more about taking the first step here.

Step 2 The discovery meeting

At this first discovery meeting, your financial planner wants to get to know you and learn everything they can about your financial situation and your goals so they can put together a tailored plan for you.

On top of getting an understanding of your lifestyle and financial goals, your financial planner's job here is to guide you through the options available to you and to translate financial jargon and investment philosophies so you can learn to manage your money. Your planner will also help you sort out your financial priorities.

Bring along bank statements, property values and debts, super statements, salary details, insurance policies, your last tax return—too much information is better than not enough!

Step 3 Developing your financial plan

Next, your financial planner will crunch some numbers and design a plan of attack that's tailored to you, your life and your financial situation.

Things we might consider during this process are estate planning, investment options, superannuation and tax strategies, minimising debt, savings strategies and referrals to other professionals if necessary, such as finance brokers or accountants.

Step 4 Presenting your financial plan

When it's ready, we'll then take you on a detailed walk-through of your financial plan.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to go through it and make sure it's a plan that can work for you. If there are any action items to be addressed, we can help you implement whatever is required.

Step 5 Implementing our recommendations

Together, we'll agree on the action items that we can implement for you, and we'll give you a list of the areas you need to address. If there are any recommendations that mean changes need to be made, we can assist. That might be arranging for you to see other professionals such as estate planning experts, an accountant, a finance broker and/or a solicitor.

Step 6 Ongoing annual reviews

Implementing a financial plan is only the first step. Once your plan is agreed on, we can help you stay on track year after year.

We have designed ‘Service Packages’ to cater for different requirements. When you agree to Annual Advice and Service you will receive proactive, comprehensive service from your financial planner and the team at AFS assisting you in meeting the goals in your plan.

Learn more about the Financial Advice process here


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