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" All of the team in this very family orientated and professionally run practice are very courteous and respond promptly to any enquiries I may have from time to time. Paul is a great well informed planner and someone I hold great confidence in. Alex shows great leadership in this practice and I know he strives for best outcomes for all clients. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" I am very happy with the advice from my Financial Planner, he comes across as really knowing what he is talking a bout, and has been very helpful to me. All staff I have met have also been very good and friendly. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Our Financial Planner has a clear understanding of what we hope to achieve and clearly explains the strategies and any risks associated. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great central location, provides solutions to what causes us to lie awake at night worrying. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Very happy with my entire setup. I'm glad I joined up with All Financial Services NT. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Customer service is first class. Our Adviser focuses on what we want, then seeks best way to make it happen. "
Anonymous Client Survey 2016
" We would like to take this opportunity to thank AFS the magnificent service provided to us by Mr David Coutts on behalf of your company and we wish you every success for the future. "
David & Vivienne Payne
" I have been a client with All Financial Services for about 6 years. I was quite young when I first went to see Alex and I didn’t know what to expect or what AFS would be able to do to help me – it ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made! The team at AFS opened my eyes up to how I can do things now that will affect and change my financial future for the better; even showing me how I can set myself up for an early retirement, which was not something I had even considered before!! The whole team at AFS is so friendly and approachable, and they have made me more comfortable with my financial position; I’m not afraid to talk about it and feel like I am more in control than ever before. I would highly recommend AFS to any friends, family and colleagues (in fact I have!) as they can help with so many different facets of life, not just building wealth – but everyday things like superannuation, planning for retirement, putting a safety net in place with personal insurance in case something unexpected happens – the list goes on and on. Remember – financial planners can help people of all ages, from all walks of life! "
Carina Driscoll
Department Liaison Officer (DoE)
NT Government
" During our first visit to AFS in 2010 my wife and I both realized that for over 45 years we had been trying to follow our own extremely rough, unreliable, vague and costly financial mud-map. AFS has since helped us to construct a finely detailed, precise and accurate financial highway to our destination. Since engaging AFS in 2010 our business turnover has tripled and it is an amazing feeling knowing exactly where we are financially, at any given time. Was it worth the cost of engaging AFS??? Now that has got to be the original ‘no-brainer’!!!!! After 45 years of trying to self manage our finances, in 2010 we had to admit that we had not been very successful. We really did not know where we were, where we were going, and how we were going to get there. After an initial meeting with AFS during which (amongst other things) they showed us how we could immediately save much more per annum, than the cost of engaging them as our financial managers, the decision to become a client was an easy one. “Since joining with AFS in 2010 our business turnover has grown substantially but best of all it is a wonderful feeling to know that we now have a ‘one stop shop’ at AFS when it comes to making any decisions regarding our financial future.” “It is one thing to have a financial plan. It is another to have an adviser and mentor on hand 24/7 to keep you on track. AFS is a one stop shop and provides us with all of those services. Joining AFS in 2010 was without doubt the best move we have ever made regarding managing our finances in general.” "
Peter Summerton
Cham Enterprises, Jabiru