Business succession planning

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Business succession planning means developing and putting in place commercial and legal strategies that will help a business keep operating effectively when something happens to impact the business.

AFS helps all Territorians in this area, whether they're employed, self-employed or running their own business. And no business is too small for us.

Running a business has many challenges: managing your cashflow, debtors, creditors and looking after your employees. Then there's looking for new clients and growing your business as well as looking after the ones you have.

All our financial planners are owners in our business, so they understand what it takes to run a business. And because we support hundreds of businesses in the Territory with succession planning, we have a good perspective on what's important here in the NT.

We have modelling software that can simulate different events and strategies to highlight the options available to you. Using that tool, you'll be able to make sound business succession decisions.

We can work with your accountant, lawyer and bank manager to create a complete and seamless business succession plan. So while you work on and in your business, let us look after the financial planning and succession planning aspects for you.

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