Sophia Parslow

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Dip FP.
Job Title: 
Associate Adviser

I am the Associate Adviser at AFS and work closely with Paul Rowse, Peter Lei and David Coutts. Together we look after the Private Service Clients. When clients come in for their annual strategic review, I help the team prepare the review documents and statements of advice.

I have more than seven years' experience in the financial planner sector. I previously worked in accounts but wanted something more challenging and rewarding. Financial planning helps people achieve their financial goals, and it's rewarding to see people walk out of the office feeling like their financial future is under control.

I came to AFS in November 2013. I am a born and bred Darwinian, and I believe in supporting businesses owned by Territorians. The NT is a fantastic place to be, but perhaps I am a little biased!

I tell people that if they want to know where they stand financially and want to achieve a certain goal, financial planners can help them get to that stage. They aren't as scary as the TV advertisements make them out to be. They are there to help.

Something many people don't know about me: I am 'Eurasian'—my mother is Chinese and my father is Finnish. And I can speak Japanese.

Quick Q&A

Tell us a secret: I have selective OCD. If I go to someone's house and it's a mess, I have the overwhelming urge to clean. But if it's my own mess, I don't really care.

What is your earliest memory? Being pushed in a pond at the age of three. This started my fear of dark murky waters.

Aside from a property, what's the most expensive thing you've bought? My first car, a Honda Civic.

Please note: I'm not authorised to provide personal or general financial advice.