Nina Bower

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Advanced Diploma Financial Planning
Job Title: 
Financial Planner Authorised Representative

I have enjoyed being a part of the financial services profession in both Indonesia and Australia for the past 27 years.

Most recently, I was advising clients at the National Australia Bank before joining the team at All Financial Services. I have known some of the AFS team for years, and when the opportunity presented to work at All Financial Services, I was extremely excited to become a part of a passionate and professional group of people.

I moved to Australia in 2006 from Indonesia where I had worked in the banking industry for almost 16 years. I became interested in financial planning because I felt I could help people more by helping them build and maintain their wealth. I enjoyed learning about each client and their life story and sharing my knowledge and experience to help them achieve their financial goals.

I am an extremely social person and thoroughly enjoy meeting and talking with people. Dancing is a big part of my life which helps keep me fit and healthy. My favourite dance styles are Latin and Swing.

I am currently enrolled in the Certified Financial Planner program which will build upon my expertise in providing credit advice on how to structure debt, consider the suitability of existing loan structures and repayment options and can refer you to an Accredited Mortgage Consultant if you require advice involving mortgages or other lending products.

I love my role here at All Financial Services and look forward to helping many clients well into the future.