Melissa Kinna

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Dip FP.
Job Title: 
Client Services Assistant

Q&A with Melissa

  • What role do you play for AFS Clients?
    I'm a Client Services Assistant working closely with Financial Planner, Alex Brown. I prepare all the paperwork to ensure meetings with Clients run smoothly. My responsibility is to assist with the implementation of the recommendations. I do this by dotting the i's, crossing the t's, managing insurance applications, superannuation changes as directed by Clients and the Financial Planners.
  • Why did you choose the financial planning sector?
    I started in the profession as a Receptionist in 2007 and quickly worked out how financial advice could change lives. Over the years I gained more experience in the financial planning process and completed my Diploma of Financial Services.
  • You could work anywhere, why AFS & why the NT?
    AFS has a clean & modern office where the staff and Clients make a happy work environment. They also hold a fantastic sunset boat cruise for Clients once a year! The NT will always be home for me. I grew up here & love spending time with my family & friends.
  • Why is it important for people to seek advice from a financial planner?
    It's important you have a guide by your side to achieve long term financial security & stability. It's a complex world and you need people around you who know how to navigate through the maze.
  • What's one thing Clients wouldn’t know about you?
    I lived in Kakadu for a year.
  • What does your photo say about you?
    My colleagues tell me I’m very organised, so much so that I bring my own lunch with me from home every single day. Hey.. I save money and it’s healthy!


Please Note: I'm not authorised to provide personal or general financial advice.