Dianna Matias

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Job Title: 
Client Services Manager

My role at All Financial Services is a Client Services Manager and Compliance Officer. Throughout my career I have worked in many related roles, such as a Customer Service Manager at Myer, and have always enjoyed providing quality service to clients. Not only do I believe that our client's needs, goals and objectives should be met and exceeded, but I also believe this experience should be positive and seamless.

My career in the Financial Service industry began 10 years ago. Since this time, I have completed a Diploma of Financial Services, worked in the role of a Paraplanner as well as a Client Services Manager and had two babies! At All Financial Services I am looking forward to getting to know our clients as well progressing further in a Compliance role.

My husband and I moved to Darwin in April 2017. Darwin first became part of our conversations when my husband was looking at applying for a promotion. Initially, of course, I was hesitant however, my husband and I love to travel and explore the world and all of a sudden Darwin became our next adventure.

We have taken to Darwin with great enthusiasm and are enjoying everything thoroughly so far. The kids have settled well and we are constantly trying to work out what to explore next. This adventure is somewhat different to our last move to Canberra , where of course we had a colder existence!