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Adv Dip Fin FS (FP). AFP®
Financial Planner Authorised Representative

For many years I've been a keen observer of the success achieved by the team at All Financial Services. I am very pleased to now be a part of the story and working alongside an awesome team of professionals that I admire and share many similarities with. The fact they are Territory locals and proud of it is part of the reason for their success.

I enjoy living in the Top End because I love the multiculturalism, the weather, the connectedness and the great opportunities our patch of paradise provides.

Client Services Manager

I am the Client Services Manager at AFS and look after the Essentials Program clients. I take care of our clients' account balances and valuations, withdrawals and contributions, keep them up to date of the progress of their insurance/investment/superannuation paperwork and generally help them with their queries.

When clients come for their initial appointment or annual review, I help her generate the review documents and statements of advice.

I began working in the industry as a receptionist at a financial planning firm owned by a family friend in Brisbane. After moving to Darwin, I landed a job at AFS as a temp receptionist for 3 weeks, then was offered 6 month contract and here I am, over 7 years later having worked my way up to my current position!

Dip FP.
Associate Adviser

I am the Associate Adviser at AFS and work closely with Paul Rowse, Peter Lei and David Coutts. Together we look after the Private Service Clients. When clients come in for their annual strategic review, I help the team prepare the review documents and statements of advice.

I have more than seven years' experience in the financial planner sector. I previously worked in accounts but wanted something more challenging and rewarding. Financial planning helps people achieve their financial goals, and it's rewarding to see people walk out of the office feeling like their financial future is under control.

Dip FP.
Client Services Assistant

Q&A with Melissa

•What role do you play for AFS Clients?
I'm a Client Services Assistant working closely with Financial Planner, Alex Brown. I prepare all the paperwork to ensure meetings with Clients run smoothly. My responsibility is to assist with the implementation of the recommendations. I do this by dotting the i's, crossing the t's, managing insurance applications, superannuation changes as directed by Clients and the Financial Planners.

•Why did you choose to work in the financial planning sector?
I started in the profession as a Receptionist in 2007 and quickly worked out how financial advice could change lives. Over the years I gained more experience in the financial planning process and completed my Diploma of Financial Services.

Dip FP (Sec Inst). FTIA
Business Development Manager

Vic has worked in the financial services industry since 1998, working across several areas of financial and business advice. Previous to this Vic owned a small manufacturing business employing 38 staff and operating distribution outlets in four states of Australia. Vic acquired many skills while running a small yet successful business and has transferred his knowledge to the financial planning profession to assist Clients to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Vic’s passion is working with small business owners and their employees assisting in all aspects from superannuation advice, protection and wealth accumulation. Now days, Vic uses his networking connections to promote the value of financial advice to the community.

"I was lucky to have been offered a role with All Financial Services". "I thoroughly enjoy the industry and the knowledge I have gained for not only my own personal financial wellbeing, but seeing what can be done for others. I had never been an advocate for Superannuation and the governance of super accounts (understanding that the rules could change by the time I retired) and intended to be "self funded" through property investment - divorce was a very unintended life event which meant my dreams of a self funded retirement were severely compromised."

Adv Dip FP
Strategy Co-Ordinator

I spend my time working with the advice team to ensure our client's needs are being met. Having a broad range of skills means that my job description is not just one thing, but instead I suppose I am a bit of a Jack Of All Trades. I respond to client's direct enquiries and those from related fund managers and other service professionals. I prepare and assist with the regular review process, and assist with the preparation and implementation of formal advice, along with anything else that comes up. I am pretty hands on!

Adv Dip FP.

I work closely with our advisers to assist with the formal preparation of advice. My responsibilities extend from researching a Client's existing situation through to research, strategy development and then preparation of advice documents.

Advanced Diploma Financial Planning
Financial Planner Authorised Representative

I have enjoyed being a part of the financial services profession in both Indonesia and Australia for the past 27 years.

Most recently, I was advising clients at the National Australia Bank before joining the team at All Financial Services. I have known some of the AFS team for years, and when the opportunity presented to work at All Financial Services, I was extremely excited to become a part of a passionate and professional group of people.

Advanced Diploma Financial Planning
Financial Planner Authorised Representative

My Backgroud

I commenced my role with All Financial Services as a temporary part-time receptionist in 2014 while in the process of completing a working-holiday throughout Australia. Following a series of conversations with management regarding my academic background in Economics and International Finance and my practical experience in commercial banking , I was offered a position as a trainee Financial Planner which I just couldn't turn down.

Client Services Manager

My role at All Financial Services is a Client Services Manager and Compliance Officer. Throughout my career I have worked in many related roles, such as a Customer Service Manager at Myer, and have always enjoyed providing quality service to clients. Not only do I believe that our client's needs, goals and objectives should be met and exceeded, but I also believe this experience should be positive and seamless.

Certified Financial Planner Authorised Representative

I started in the finance industry back in 1987 as a life and general agent at AMP—following in the footsteps of my forefathers. Since those early days, I've worked in many roles, including general agency manager. Over the years, I gained more experience and qualifications, eventually starting my own business and becoming fully settled into the role of a financial planner. I merged my business to become part of the All Financial Services group in 1999 and strongly believe in our vision to improve the quality of people's lives through a living financial plan.

I feel it is important for people to seek advice from a financial planner so they can have a realistic understanding of what the future holds for them. With the right advice, they are able to make informed choices about their future. It's also important families are financially protected with a plan in place in case something goes wrong.

Adv Dip FS(FP). FChFP AFP®
Financial Planner Authorised Representative

I've always enjoyed helping people with their financial affairs, starting from when I was a teller in a large bank in 1987 to becoming a financial planner in 1996.

I moved from the UK to Darwin in 1999, where I married a local girl. When I arrived, I continued in my role as an adviser with a small local practice. I then spent a few years working at the Commonwealth Bank, again helping clients achieve their goals and dreams. I joined the team at All Financial Services in 2007 and soon realised this was where I wanted to spend the rest of my career. So in 2007–08 I became a partner in the company.

Dip FP. CFP® . TIA.
Certified Financial Planner Authorised Representative

I've worked in the financial services industry since 1985. I worked in various areas of the banking sector and became a financial planner in 1996. I owned and operated my own financial planning practice before joining All Financial Services as a principal financial planner in 2007.

In my free time I enjoy fishing, playing and coaching basketball. My AFS colleagues call me their resident fundraising guru because I'm always looking for the next charity challenge to participate in.

B.Eng. Grad Dip FP. AFP®. SPAA.
Financial Planner Authorised Representative

My first profession was engineering, which suited me well because I was born with an eye for detail and approaching life and work methodically. A fishing buddy and I spent many hours out on the water talking about the world, and he convinced me to make a change into financial planning and work with him at Bridges Personal Investment Services. My need for detail and to learn more then landed me at the ANZ, where I worked as a financial planner helping a wide range of clients and further developing my financial planning skills.