Consolidating your super

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Changing jobs or even working casually may mean that you have more than one super account, each with small amounts.

You might be able to combine these small amounts into a single account in one fund, potentially saving on administration fees as well as simplifying your super for easier tracking.

For amounts of less than $200, superannuation law will allow you to take the money when you terminate your employment. You may have to pay tax if you opt to take the money, or you can roll it over into the super fund offered by your new employer.

For amounts of less than $1000, special rules apply concerning the level of administration fees that are deducted from your account, so it's best to contact your fund or seek professional advice from a financial adviser.

We can help you find and consolidate all the superannuation you're entitled to. Some clients that have had many employers came to us with no idea where their funds are or how much superannuation they actually have.

On your behalf, we'll manage the process to find and consolidate all your superannuation so it's all in one place and is earning as much interest as possible to build a bigger retirement nest egg.