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15 February 2018

All Financial Services assists businesses, individuals and their own Team to focus on their ultimate goals and design a financial strategy that will not only help them achieve it, but also be flexible enough to deal with the various hurdles that life can present. We are a highly professional, friendly, Client and Team focused organisation.

Our team is changing and we need a talented individual to perform the role of Client Services Adminstrator.

For a quiet achieving, people pleaser with an eye for detail, this is what dreams are made of:

Embracing and following a workflow process to ensure you do what you promise to do, every time;

Re-prioritising every day and every hour to keep all the stakeholders (including Clients) happy;

Being immersed in a list of tasks to assist a Client implement recommendations to improve their finances and in turn their life, such as:

  • Booking Client meetings
  • Preparing Client Files
  • Using online portals to lodge transactions on behalf of Clients
  • Taking Client queries, finding out the answers they need and responding pronto

Saying "no problem at all" with a smile because it earns you respect;

Being a Jack or Jill-of-all-trades, which a job description just cannot cover;

Ironing your clothes and shining your shoes because reputation and personal branding matters;

Feeling proud of the organisation of which you are part of and the difference you make in people's lives; and finally chalking up additional qualifications and skills to add to your life resume.

Realistically, we need someone who can be hands on immediately with previous experience in customer service or the finance sector. In addition, Financial Planning qualifications would add a lot of credibility.

Send our General Manager your glowing resume AND make sure you highlight why you chose to contact us about this opportunity.

Email: Lee Portelli